3 Medium Roast

  • Brazil Estate

    Roasted hazelnuts and chocolate with a hint of apple crisp are the characteristics of this coffee. Wonderful brewed and fantastic as a single origin espresso. In Brazil, a farm is called a Fazenda and every year we search out the best Fazenda whose coffee displays the unique character of the finest dry processed Brazils. ...Learn More

    $12.95 Light / Medium Roast
  • Colombian Supremo

    So delicious. The San Francisco Chronicle rated it the #1 coffee in the Bay Area! A rich honey flavor and bright finish, our single milled coffee is full bodied with a soft acidity making a deliciously balanced cup. Our two favorite growing regions in Colombia are Narino and Huila. We love them for their continued growing of heirloom varietals. ...Learn More

    $11.45 Light / Medium Roast
  • Colombian/French

    Colombian French is a classic coffee blend which brings together the bold notes of French and the lingering sweetness of lighter roasted Colombian coffee.  Peerless uses very origin specific coffee in order to elevate our Colombian French.  Our Colombian coffee comes from a small region called Huila in southwestern Colombia.  Our French roast is comprised of single estate beans from Central America and Indonesia. ...Learn More

    $10.95 Medium Roast
  • Decaffeinated Colombian/French

    Our Decaf Colombian/French is a blend of Latin American beans and 25% French-roasted beans.   A full-flavored decaffeinated brew that is soft and smooth in taste.

    $11.95 Medium Roast
  • Espresso Maranello Organic

    Affectionately known as "liquid gold", our signature Organic Espresso Maranello is creamy and full-bodied, with spicy middle notes and a tangy sweet finish. These beans are artisan roasted and blended to create a classic Northern Italian flavor. QAI certified organic. ...Learn More

    $12.95 Medium Roast
  • Espresso Nuovo

    Our Espresso Nuovo is a rich blend of Central and South America beans combined with Indonesia beans that are roasted to a deep dark brown. The result is a complex full-bodied brew with a thick rich crema. ...Learn More

    $11.45 Medium Roast
  • President’s Private Blend

    A special after roast blend that combines the best Colombia has to offer and the richness of our classic French Roast beans gives a full-flavored brew which is soft and smooth in taste. This signature blend was renamed President's blend after a former President of the United States stopped by Oakland and fell in love with it. What could we do but name it President's Blend! ...Learn More

    $10.95 Medium Roast
  • Sea Smoke Blend

    A deep mellow smoothness with a unique rich, dark flavor. We fashioned this blend with single farm coffees from 4 different countries to create a medium-dark roast coffee with a syrupy smoothness. A customer favorite! ...Learn More

    $13.45 Dark Roast