The Brights: Single Origin Coffees from Peerless Coffee. Roasted Light. Roasted Right.

There was a recent article called “Hot Blonde in the Coffee Shop” about the current trend with the mega coffee companies towards a lighter roasted coffee. Doing business in the dark roast world of Northern California, Peerless has been called unfashionable for using a lighter hand when roasting our coffees. So this trend is right in our wheelhouse.

Peerless is grounded in the philosophy that every coffee needs to be roasted to varying degrees to bring out its unique characteristics, which are most pronounced in single origin coffees. Characteristics of flavor vary depending on the bean, terroir, varietal, and how the “cherry” is processed.

Brightness carries the flavor; without brightness the coffee can taste flat. Lighter roasts tends to preserve brightness, which lets varietal subtleties shine through.

Most of our “Brights “ are estate coffees.  We have visited many of these farms, getting a first hand view of their practices and nurturing business ties that go back three generations.

Single Origin Coffee Primer

For a single origin coffee, the flavor of the beans are heavily influenced by terroir, giving you the complete experience of the region.