Committed to Quality ~ Sustainability ~ Community ~ Traceability


Costa Rican Award

Awarded by President Miguel Angel Rodriguez Echeverria for Peerless’ commitment to quality and sustainable pricing to farmers in Costa Rica

Manuel Mejia Coffee Medal of Honor

Awarded by Colombia’s National Federation of Coffee Growers to George J. Vukasin for his lifelong promotion of quality coffee with an emphasis on Colombian mild coffee. He was also lauded for his work with the National Coffee Association for enhancing the reputation of the specialty coffee industry in the North American market.

Local Green

StopWaste Partnership Program

Peerless continues to develop new ways to benefit the environment and received the Leadership and Achievement Award in Sustainability for 2010. Recent successes: implemented complete recycling program.

Bay Area Green Business

First coffee roaster and supplier in the Bay Area to be certified as a Green business since 1999– through a maximum recycling effort, a minimum use of energy and water resources, and promoting a healthy workforce.


Peerless Coffee & Tea Scholarship

University of California, Berkeley Scholarship awarded to undergraduate students with leadership skills.

Oakland Legacy

Oakland Indie Award, Pillar of the Community 2010