Peerless Museum

Sonja Vukasin began collecting coffee, tea and spice antiques more than 40 years ago. While traveling the coffee world, she has poured her heart and soul into amassing one of the premier coffee and tea memorabilia collections. She is proud to share her passion with you.

For Bay Area coffee aficionados, the Peerless Museum is a unique experience that should not be missed. Created by Sonja Vukasin with the help of the Oakland museum designer, Ted Cohen, the museum houses coffee memorabilia spanning the 92 years Peerless Coffee & Tea has been in business.

Inside you will discover rare items from both the original Peerless retail coffee store that opened in 1924 and also from Sonja’s own collection, including a wonderful assortment of antique coffee grinders from across the globe. Along with the many items in the permanent collection, the museum will also showcase a varying installation of coffee related objects, from modern jewelry to historical pieces.

Original Peerless Coffee sign; Replica of the Peerless turn of the century delivery truck