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Peerless has the perfect gift for your coffee & tea lover and for any occasion.

Gifts, Coffee and Tea Gift Baskets

  • 2.0 Compatible – Peerless Organic Dark Single Serve Cup, 100/cs

    Peerless_Coffee cup single 200

    Compatible with most Keurig 2.0 (K-cup pods) machines, Peerless Organic Single Serve Cups will delight your senses with every sip.  We've chosen a melange of three very special, fully traceable organic coffees - Organic Sumatra, Organic Peru, and Organic Ethiopian, blended together to produce a smooth yet full-bodied syrupy cup.  Certified Organic, Made in the USA, Recyclable and Convenient.  Reg/14.5g, Dcf/13.5g.  Available by case of 100. ...Learn More

  • BBQ Java Rub by Peerless


    BBQ with Peerless using or own in-house Java Rub made with Peerless Coffee!  Use on Steaks, Chop or Lamb.  Our Java Rub is a dry rub so should be applied on the meat at least several hours ahead of time (24-hours is the optimal) to soak into the meat.  Ingredients:  Fresh roasted coffee, salt, garlic, chili pepper, canola oil, paprika, oleoresin, and a special blend of spices.  Packaged in mason jars and available in 4oz. or 12oz. ...Learn More

  • Chocolate Covered Organic Coffee Beans

    Peerless Chocolate Coffee Beans 200

    Love Chocolate?  Love Coffee?  Combine the two! Created using our own certified Organic Coffee Beans and coated with Organic Dark Chocolate. Ingredients:  Organic Roasted Coffee Beans, Organic Dark Chocolate (org. evaporated cane sugar, org. unsweetened chocolate, org. cocoa butter, org. soy lecithin, org.vanilla, Pure Food Glaze.  (May contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat).  Net Wt. 8.75oz. ...Learn More

  • Coffee & Grinder Complete Travel Set

    Grinder Aeropress Coffee combo 2 with mini 200

    The complete coffee experience!  In your kitchen or on the go, enjoy freshly ground and brewed coffee anywhere and any time.   Choose your favorite coffee and we will send you a 1-lb bag.  Grind your coffee using the convenient Porlex conical burr hand-grinder, then brew your coffee with a compact, easy to use Aeropress.   Finally pour your coffee into the ready-to-go Peerless Travel Mug and enjoy! 1 - lb Peerless coffee 1 - Peerless Travel Mug Porlex Mini Japanese Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder -  Ceramic conical burr adjusts to grind from Espresso to French press -  20 gram capacity -  Stainless steel -  Made in Osaka, Japan Aeropress Coffee Brewer - smooth, rich and fast! -  Add grounds, hot water, stir and press! -  20 seconds of applied pressure you can yield 1-4 concentrated espresso shots.  Add hot water for more traditional cup of coffee. -  Compact, easy to wash, durable. -  Made to travel. ...Learn More

  • Coffee & Grinder Travel Set

    Porlex and Coffee 200

    Enjoy freshly ground coffee anywhere with this convenient conical burr hand-grinder.  Choose your favorite coffee and we will send you a 1-lb bag to enjoy while grinding the beans in your Porlex Coffee Grinder. 1 - lb Peerless coffee Porlex JP-30 Japanese Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder -  Ceramic conical burr adjusts to grind from Espresso to French press -  30 gram capacity -  Stainless steel -  Made in Osaka, Japan ...Learn More

  • Coffee Duo Gift – Darker Roasts


    Unsure which coffees to choose?  Put together your own duo and select 2 from the following popular darker roasts: Organic 80th Anniversary Blend - A complex organic coffee Italian roasted, resulting in a medium-dark roast with a full bodied, round mouth feel which is forward in the front while soft in the throat. 90th Anniversary Blend - Sweet molasses flavor with nutty cocoa notes is full bodied yet balanced throughout and gives a soft finish with a faint hint of Black Curran. Balthazar Organic Blend - A full French Roast allowing the robust body, dark chocolate, cedar, orange zest tones, and elegant finish. European Blend - Begins full, mellows as it lingers and then finishes with a smooth sweet aftertaste. French Dark Italian - Full bodied, smooth finish, with a hint of spice. French Roast Classic - A perennial classic brings dark cocoa notes, a thick body and a strong but smooth flavor.   ...Learn More

  • Coffee Duo Gift – Lighter Roasts

    You Choose Duo

    Unsure which coffees to choose?  Put together your own duo and select 2-1lbs from the following popular lighter roasts: Colombian Supremo - Our single milled coffee is full bodied with a soft acidity making a deliciously balanced cup. Guatemala Antigua - An Estate Arabica with lively acidity, complex spiciness, and chocolate laced aftertaste. Hawaiian Golden Kona Blend - Aromatic coffee with character that plays between acidity and sweetness, is slightly spicy, and with overtones of cinnamon and cloves. Moka Java Ethiopian - Our Ethiopian is the fanciest grade of washed Ethiopians.  They possess an intense floral bouquet and when blended with a more balanced Java, create a pleasant cup of coffee to enjoy all day. President's Private Blend - A special after roast blend combining the best of Colombia and the richness of our classic French Roast beans giving a full-flavored brew which is soft and smooth in taste. Sumatra Mandheling - Naturally low in acid, smooth with a syrupy richness and magnificently heavy body.       ...Learn More

  • Espresso Duo Sampler – whole bean (Espresso Nuovo and Espresso Maranello)

    Peerless Espresso Duo

    Espresso connoisseurs will love this special Espresso Duo sampler.  Each gift pack contains 1 10-ounce bag of Espresso Nuovo and 1 10-ounce bag of Organic Espresso Maranello.   The beans for our espresso are selected for their rich intensity and roasted to dark chestnut perfection, resulting in a smoky & velvety shot  with a thick, rich crema. Our whole bean Espresso Nuovo is a rich blend of Central and South America Arabica beans combined with Indonesian beans that are roasted to a deep dark brown.  The result is a complex full-bodied brew with a thick rich crema. Our whole bean Organic Espresso Maranello, affectionately known as "liquid gold", is creamy and full-bodied, with spicy middle notes and a tangy sweet finish.  These beans are artisan roasted and blended to create a classic Northern Italian flavor.  QAI Certified Organic. ...Learn More

    $16.95 Espresso Roast
  • Gift Basket, Introduction to Peerless

    gift basket small

    Enjoy the delicious tastes of Peerless with our Introduction to Peerless Gift Basket. Basket includes 2 – 10 oz bags of select Peerless Coffee and a Peerless Travel Mug.

  • Gift Basket, Peerless Delights

    gift basket lrg

    Add to the delicious tastes of Peerless with our Peerless Delights Gift Basket. Basket includes 2 - 10 oz bags of select Peerless Coffee, 4 different 1.75 "try it size" coffees, a Peerless Travel Mug and Sonja's candy. ...Learn More

  • Gift Set, Single Origin Coffee Lovers Dream, whole bean

    Single Origin Coffee 9pack

    This variety of 9 different 1-lb bags of coffee will delight the true coffee lover!  Taste and compare the differences and awe at the nuances that make each coffee different.  Your gift set will include a 6-cup Moka Express Bialetti Coffee Maker and 1-lb of Guatemala Antigua Dark, Costa Rica, Colombian Supremo, Sumatra Mandheling Dark, Brazil Estate, Peru Organic, Kenya AA, Ethiopia Moka, and Mexico Organic.  Whole bean. ...Learn More

  • Peerless Virginia Jumbo Peanut Tin

    Peerless Peanut Tin

    Premium fresh roasted Virginia Jumbo Peanuts have been a tradition of Peerless since 1924.  Enjoy this 2.5 lb tin of Virginia Jumbo roasted peanuts.


  • Spa Tea Collection

    Peerless Spa Tea Collection

    Relax to this pleasing collection of teas.  Packed in classic mason jars is a variety of teas to soothe and replenish the spirit of the day.  Enjoy a delightful cup of Cranberry Hibiscus, Chamomile or Peppermint tea. ...Learn More

  • Tea Sampler – Black Teas

    Black Tea Sampler

    Taste your way through our delicious collection of black teas.  Conveniently packed in mason jars and a shipping tube. Assam - When brewed will produce a dark, strong flavor with a heavy body.  Serve black or with milk and sugar.  1.5 oz Earl Grey - A full flavored tea with fruity, dry citrus aromatics.  Brews a medium bodied cup.   1.5 oz English Breakfast - Brews a brisk cup with complex aroma and flavor resulting in balanced body and flavor.   1.5 oz Peerless Royal Blend - Our signature blend black tea that has a smooth, fragrant aroma and flavor.  Serve black or with milk and sugar.   1.5 oz ...Learn More

  • Tea Sampler – Flavored Teas

    Flavored Tea Sampler

    An impressive gift of four flavors for your teatime pleasure, conveniently packed in mason jars and a shipping tube.   Teas will include: Apricot - Black tea blended with apricot flavoring and marigold petals delights with it's tangy apricot aroma and flavor.  1.0 oz Black Currant - Black tea blended with black currant flavoring and currant leaves gives a rich berry flavor.  1.3 oz Mango - Enjoy a cup of mango tea with rich, delicate flavor and tropical scent.  Black tea blended with mango flavoring and marigold petals.  1.0 oz Orange Spice - A brisk, black tea with a spicy fruity flavor.  Natural orange and clove flavorings.  1.5 oz ...Learn More

  • Tea Sampler – Tropic Star Organic Iced Teas

    Iced Tea Sampler 200

    Take the heat off this summer and enjoy an icy cold glass of iced tea, conveniently packed in mason jars and a shipping tube.   Teas will include: Cranberry Hibiscus - Wild American cranberry pieces, flagrant Hibiscus flower petals, tangy Rose Hips.  1.3 oz Moroccan Meyer Lemon Mint - Sweet and floral flavor of Meyer Lemons, blended with the soothing and cool flavor of Moroccan Mint.  1.0 oz Pomegranate Green - Tart sweetness of organic pomegranates blended with crisp and refreshing green tea.  1.3 oz Tropical Blend - Exotic tropical fruit flavors and aromatic flower botanicals.  1.3 oz ...Learn More

  • Toddy Cold Brew & Peerless!


    Toddy Cold Brew System and 1-lb Peerless Italian Roast Coffee! -  The cold-water brewing process extracts the natural, delicious flavors of coffee and tea, yet leaves behind undesirable bitter acids and oils. -  A bold, super-smooth taste that's easier on the stomach and a solution for coffee lovers who suffer from acid sensitivity. -  Can be made one cup at a time, served steaming hot or iced cold, and at the strength you prefer. -  Concentrate stays fresh for weeks, so there's no waste. Comes with 1-lb of our Italian Roast Coffee ground to be used with the Toddy Brewer. ...Learn More