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  • 2.0 Compatible – Peerless Organic Dark Single Serve Cup, 100/cs

    Peerless_Coffee cup single 200

    Compatible with most Keurig 2.0 (K-cup pods) machines, Peerless Organic Single Serve Cups will delight your senses with every sip.  We've chosen a melange of three very special, fully traceable organic coffees - Organic Sumatra, Organic Peru, and Organic Ethiopian, blended together to produce a smooth yet full-bodied syrupy cup.  Certified Organic, Made in the USA, Recyclable and Convenient.  Reg/14.5g, Dcf/13.5g.  Available by case of 100. ...Learn More

    $59.95 lb.
  • 80th Anniversary Organic Blend (Organic Italian Roast)

    Our Organic 80th Anniversary Italian Roast Blend is a unique, complex organic blend which brings beans from 3 continents together into one balanced cup. This coffee is Italian roasted, resulting in a medium-dark roast with a full bodied, round mouth feel which is forward in the front while soft in the throat. We start with an award winning organic coffee from a farm perched high in the Sierra Madres in Chiapas, just a stones throw across the border of Guatemala. The high elevation and great care brings a piquant to the flavor. We then add three other organic estate coffees from Peru, Sumatra and Ethiopia, which round out the flavor. ...Learn More

    $11.45 lb. Dark Roast
  • 90th Anniversary Blend

    Celebrating our 90th Anniversary!  Notes of lemon zest, tangerine and lavender give a full bodied yet balanced cup with a soft finish.   For our 90th Anniversary, George Vukasin Jr has crafted a very special Natural Ethiopian blended with the cream of the Guatemalan, Ethiopia & Costa Rican crops.  Roasted to a chestnut brown, the taste is as rich as our history yet maintains a very contemporary flavor profile. ...Learn More

    $11.95 lb. Medium Roast
  • Colombian Supremo

    So delicious. The San Francisco Chronicle rated it the #1 coffee in the Bay Area! A rich honey flavor and bright finish, our single milled coffee is full bodied with a soft acidity making a deliciously balanced cup. Our two favorite growing regions in Colombia are Narino and Huila. We love them for their continued growing of heirloom varietals. ...Learn More

    $11.45 lb. Light / Medium Roast
  • Colombian/French

    Colombian French is a classic coffee blend which brings together the bold notes of French and the lingering sweetness of lighter roasted Colombian coffee.  Peerless uses very origin specific coffee in order to elevate our Colombian French.  Our Colombian coffee comes from a small region called Huila in southwestern Colombia.  Our French roast is comprised of single estate beans from Central America and Indonesia. ...Learn More

    $10.95 lb. Medium Roast
  • French Dark Italian

    Full bodied, smooth finish, with a hint of spice are what makes this a unique coffee. We fully roast this coffee so that the volatile oils break the surface and coat the bean. One of our signature blends of Colombian and Central American milds, Peerless searched throughout the highlands of Central America to find the beans to create this blend. You'll enjoy the syrupy flavor. ...Learn More

    $11.95 lb. Dark Roast
  • French Roast Classic

    A classic French Roast and perennial favorite.  Each cup brings dark cocoa notes, a thick body and a strong but smooth flavor.   Created from a blend of Colombians (high grown Central, South American and Mexican mild beans) and dark roasted, this is a wonderful coffee to wake up to every morning. ...Learn More

    $10.95 lb. Dark Roast
  • Italian Roast Classic

    Not as dark as a French Roast, this coffee is a fantastic breakfast coffee with its smooth, elegant flavor,  A wonderful blend of special coffees roasted to a dark chocolate color, brimming with natural oils and resulting as a true expression of a Classic Italian Roast.  Also enjoyed  after dinner or with your dessert. ...Learn More

    $10.95 lb. Dark Roast
  • President’s Private Blend

    A special after roast blend that combines the best Colombia has to offer and the richness of our classic French Roast beans gives a full-flavored brew which is soft and smooth in taste. This signature blend was renamed President's blend after a former President of the United States stopped by Oakland and fell in love with it. What could we do but name it President's Blend! ...Learn More

    $10.95 lb. Medium Roast
  • Vanilla Nut Cream

    A blend of Central American Arabica beans with the subtle flavors of vanilla and almonds give a deliciously smooth cup to be enjoyed any time of day. A classic favorite.

    $11.45 lb. Light Roast