Special Offerings

Estate, special auction and rare coffees hand-roasted by George Vukasin, Jr.

Special Offerings

Estate, special auction and rare coffees hand-roasted by George Vukasin, Jr..

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Filter By Roast:

  • Aged Sumatra “Toba Tiger” Vintage 2006

    Grown high in the Lake Toba region of Indonesia, this coffee comes from a co-op which only harvests indigenous Arabica varieties (Djember, Ateng). We sourced this coffee in 2006 and meticulously aged the beans in vacuum sealed bags. A true example of a fantastic 2006 crop with hints of tobacco, cocoa and allspice. The special aging adds the mellow body and syrupy smoothness. ...Learn More

    $30.50 lb. Light Roast
  • Biodynamic Finca Irlanda Mexico Organic, Direct Trade

    This single origin, biodynamic coffee has a taste which is syrupy with caramel and spice notes.  Vibrant, balanced and elegant, this unique coffee is custom roasted in small batches.  We have sourced this coffee because of its flavor profile and social/environmental qualities. The principles and practices of biodynamics are based on creating complete self sufficiency from a farming point of view.  This "Uber Organic" practice creates a complete sustainability with all organic inputs created from the farm itself.  Biodynamic farms are viewed as a whole organism.  They are virtually self-contained and use distinct preparations such as specially developed compost to aid plant and soil development. ...Learn More

    $15.95 lb. Dark Roast
  • Colombia Pink Bourbon, Finca Los Cedros

    Grown and harvested in Pitalito Huila Colombia and cultivated from hybridizations of very rare Red and Yellow Bourbon.  Carefully isolated and contained to preserve the unique color and character of this hard to find variety.  With the flavor notes of watermelon, pomegranate and milk chocolate, this coffee has a bright acidity and velvety finish. ...Learn More

    $18.95 lb. Light Roast
  • Finca Montesol Pacamara Micro Lot Nicaragua

    Grown and harvested in the regions of Jinotega, Nicaragua.  With the flavor notes of Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut and restrained acidity, this coffee has a thick and delicious finish.

    $18.95 lb. Light Roast
  • Hawaiian Kona Fancy

    Elixir of Royalty! Hawaiian Imperial Kona Fancy delivers an old world mellow body with a balanced sweetness. Aromatic coffee with character that plays between acidity and sweetness, is slightly spicy, and with overtones of cinnamon and cloves. For over 150 years coffee has grown on this small patch of land but one must have a deeper understanding of the area in order to procure the best. Our history with Kona coffee goes back 50 years and includes a brief flirting of operating a coffee mill in Kona. We always source from the highest elevation and only on the Mauka side (mountain facing) of Old Mamalahoa highway.  1 - 10 ounce bag. ...Learn More

    $31.95 10 oz Light Roast
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Fancy

    Rich flavor, rich aroma, moderate acidity, and an even balance are some of the exquisite characteristics of this coffee. Roasted from coffee beans grown in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica, where the world's most sought-after beans are produced. Through years of focus, Peerless has tapped into the finest sources for this acclaimed coffee.  1 - 10 ounce bag. ...Learn More

    $32.95 10 oz Light Roast
  • Natural Ethiopian Mystic Lion

    A light roast coffee that has a rich honey flavor with wild blueberry notes, sweet lemony tang and a spiced chai finish.  Our Natural Ethiopian Mystic Lion coffee comes to us from South of Addis, a farm located as the highest elevation farm in Limu District, far far up in the Daru mountains.  This very special farm produces this amazing natural coffee. ...Learn More

    $16.95 lb. Light Roast
  • Organic “Miel (Honey) Process”

    The intense sweetness and turbinado sugar flavor notes of this coffee are sure to please the palette. Grown in Alajuela, Poas, this coffee has a cherry rich finish.

    $18.95 lb. Light Roast
  • Panama La Esmeralda Geisha

    Grown and harvested in the high regions of Boquete, Panama, this coffee boasts the characteristics of Honey and Jasmine with a hint of citrus and a floral finish. Fantastic in the cup!

    $84.95 lb. Light Roast