Signature Blends

The art of specialized roasting and blending is a practice few specialty roasters maintain. This art has been passed down through three generations and has been a hallmark of Peerless Coffee.

Signature Blends

The art of specialized roasting and blending is a practice few specialty roasters maintain. This art has been passed down thru three generations and has been a hallmark of Peerless Coffee

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  • 80th Anniversary Organic Blend (Organic Italian Roast)

    Our Organic 80th Anniversary Italian Roast Blend is a unique, complex organic blend which brings beans from 3 continents together into one balanced cup. This coffee is Italian roasted, resulting in a medium-dark roast with a full bodied, round mouth feel which is forward in the front while soft in the throat. We start with an award winning organic coffee from a farm perched high in the Sierra Madres in Chiapas, just a stones throw across the border of Guatemala. The high elevation and great care brings a piquant to the flavor. We then add three other organic estate coffees from Peru, Sumatra and Ethiopia, which round out the flavor. ...Learn More

    $11.45 lb. Dark Roast
  • Adam’s Rocket Espresso

    All the beans come from our favorite grower co-op and create a knock your pants off French Roast. A bold cup of coffee, or try it as an espresso ... if you dare. One way Rocket Espresso is confusing is that it is roasted too dark to be used as espresso blend, but was named that way anyway. One way Rocket Espresso is not confusing is that it is one of our favorite coffees and our Best Selling Fair Trade Organic coffee, bar none. ...Learn More

    $12.50 lb. Dark Roast
  • Balthazar Blend Organic

    A mélange of three very special coffees from Africa, Central America and Asia. Hand roasted to a full French Roast allowing the robust body, dark chocolate, cedar, orange zest tones, and elegant finish to captivate your senses. George Vukasin Jr conceived an idea of a special coffee while visiting the landmark New York restaurant Balthazar. Dining on delicious French bistro dishes amongst the movers and shakers of NY, he began to formulate a coffee rich with sophistication while rooted in artisanal tradition. A true Signature Coffee. ...Learn More

    $12.95 lb. Dark Roast
  • Barbary Coast Blend

    A hearty, no nonsense dark roast as rich as the history of Barbary Coast and is as unapologetic of its dark roast as the characters at that time. The Barbary Coast of San Francisco is famous for its bare knuckled brawls and rough ‘n tumble lifestyle.  This blend matches that to a tee. ...Learn More

    $10.95 lb. Dark Roast
  • Espresso Maranello Organic

    Affectionately known as "liquid gold", our signature Organic Espresso Maranello is creamy and full-bodied, with spicy middle notes and a tangy sweet finish. These beans are artisan roasted and blended to create a classic Northern Italian flavor. QAI certified organic. ...Learn More

    $12.95 lb. Medium Roast
  • Midnight Royale

    Dark, brooding, full flavor with a silken body describes this Signature Blend coffee. Bold Indonesian coffees are hand roasted and then blended with a variety of French Roasted coffees to make this rich, bold flavor. A wonderful winter coffee for the dark roast coffee lover. ...Learn More

    $11.95 lb. Dark Roast
  • President’s Private Blend

    A special after roast blend that combines the best Colombia has to offer and the richness of our classic French Roast beans gives a full-flavored brew which is soft and smooth in taste. This signature blend was renamed President's blend after a former President of the United States stopped by Oakland and fell in love with it. What could we do but name it President's Blend! ...Learn More

    $10.95 lb. Medium Roast
  • Sea Smoke Blend

    A deep mellow smoothness with a unique rich, dark flavor. We fashioned this blend with single farm coffees from 4 different countries to create a medium-dark roast coffee with a syrupy smoothness. A customer favorite! ...Learn More

    $13.45 lb. Dark Roast