Espresso Grind

Since we began roasting exotic beans, we have been on a quest to create the perfect cup of “liquid gold”. Our line of artisan roasted, hand blended espresso captures the essence & nuances of Italy’s regions.

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Filter By Roast:

  • Adam’s Rocket Espresso

    All the beans come from our favorite grower co-op and create a knock your pants off French Roast. A bold cup of coffee, or try it as an espresso ... if you dare. One way Rocket Espresso is confusing is that it is roasted too dark to be used as espresso blend, but was named that way anyway. One way Rocket Espresso is not confusing is that it is one of our favorite coffees and our Best Selling Fair Trade Organic coffee, bar none. ...Learn More

    $12.50 lb. Dark Roast
  • Espresso Maranello Organic

    Affectionately known as "liquid gold", our signature Organic Espresso Maranello is creamy and full-bodied, with spicy middle notes and a tangy sweet finish. These beans are artisan roasted and blended to create a classic Northern Italian flavor. QAI certified organic. ...Learn More

    $12.95 lb. Medium Roast
  • Espresso Nuovo

    Our Espresso Nuovo is a rich blend of Central and South America beans combined with Indonesia beans that are roasted to a deep dark brown. The result is a complex full-bodied brew with a thick rich crema. ...Learn More

    $11.45 lb. Medium Roast