Want great flavor without the buzz? Try our decaf coffees.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Want great flavor without the buzz? Try our decaf coffees.

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Filter By Roast:

  • Decaffeinated Colombian Supremo

    The choicest grade of the world’s favorite coffee.  Colombian beans produce a balance of rich taste, full body and mild acidity. Roasted medium light, this coffee is smooth, mellow, well-rounded, with a sweet finish and is simply the best decaffeinated Colombian you will have.  We source our decaf coffees as diligently as any coffee and want to ensure a wonderful cup every time. ...Learn More

    $12.45 lb. Light Roast
  • Decaffeinated Colombian/French

    Our Decaf Colombian/French is a blend of Latin American beans and 25% French-roasted beans.   A full-flavored decaffeinated brew that is soft and smooth in taste.

    $11.95 lb. Medium Roast
  • Decaffeinated European Royale

    European Royale is one of most popular dark roasts. Rich dark notes with sweet, soft acidity.  This complex blend brings beans from 3 continents together into one balanced cup. It begins full, mellows as it lingers and then finishes with a smooth sweet aftertaste.  Our famous European Royale Blend is decaffeinated in Europe to ensure the taste is as close to our European Royale as possible, with a lot less caffeine!  Several years ago, this blend was developed by Peerless and a bay area culinary legend. It has continued to win raves reviews throughout the food scene. ...Learn More

    $12.45 lb. Dark Roast
  • Decaffeinated French Dark Italian

    Our decaffeinated version of French Dark Italian is full bodied and has a smooth finish.  A hint of spice makes this a unique coffee.  One of our signature blends of Colombian and Central American milds.  You'll enjoy the syrupy flavor! ...Learn More

    $11.95 lb. Dark Roast
  • Decaffeinated French Roast Classic

    Our Classic French Roast blend is decaffeinated in Europe to exact specifications in order to make sure our famous French Roast flavor comes out just right in a caffeine free blend. Each cup brings dark cocoa notes, a thick body and a strong but smooth flavor. Created from a blend of Colombians (high grown Central, South American and Mexican mild beans) and dark roasted, this is a wonderful coffee to wake up to every morning. ...Learn More

    $11.95 lb. Dark Roast
  • Decaffeinated Hawaiian Golden Kona Blend

    Our famous Hawaiian Kona Blend is decaffeinated in Europe to ensure the taste is as close to our Hawaiian Kona blend as possible, with a lot less caffeine! Made with Kona and Central American mild beans, hand roasted to a traditional light brown. A rich, rounded cup capped by Kona's superb fragrance and flavor. For our Kona Blend, we always start by cupping each harvest Kona coffee. After that, we determine the special coffees which when blended with Kona, will best maintain the unique cup of 100% Kona. ...Learn More

    $14.95 lb. Light Roast
  • SWP Decaffeinated Organic 80th Anniversary Blend

    Using the Natural Water Process, this decaffeinated version of our 80th Anniversary Blend combines Arabica beans from 3 award winning estates for a medium-dark roast with a medium-light body. We start with an award winning organic coffee from a farm perched high in the Sierra Madres in Chiapas, just a stones' throw across the border of Guatemala. The high elevation and great care brings a piquant to the flavor. We then add three other organic estate coffees from Peru, Sumatra and Ethiopia which round out the flavor. ...Learn More

    $12.95 lb. Dark Roast